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Art Plus Wallpaper Calendar LITE 5.0

Art Plus Wallpaper Calendar Lite 5.0 displays calendar on your desktop
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Art Plus Wallpaper Calendar Lite 5.0 is software which displays calendar, short notes and even diary entries on your desktop. A wide range of settings allows you to customize every element of the calendar the way you want it. You can change style, size, visibility and color of text, color and size of the calendar. If you don’t need short notes and diary entries, just turn them off and you will get only the calendar on your desktop. Program also includes many variants of layout. So you will certainly find something which will be perfect for you. Another useful feature of Art Plus Wallpaper Calendar Lite 5.0 is ability to set picture on your desktop and choose its’ position. If the picture you like isn’t big enough to be your wallpaper just set it in the centre of the desktop. You can create special set of pictures and this program will periodically change the picture on the desktop choosing another one from this set. Art Plus Wallpaper Calendar Lite doesn’t support many features, like keyboard shortcuts, adding reminders and many more. You can get them after buying Art Plus Wallpaper Calendar Pro.

Ilya Barmenkov
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  • Doesn't need a lot of system resources
  • Detailed help file


  • Doesn't support many useful features
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